The Left - Sleep Position Training Device

The LEFT Sleep Position Training Device trains you to sleep on your left side as often as possible. It tracks your body position while you sleep, then provides a gentle vibration signal once it detects that you are sleeping on your right side.

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Download the LEFT App for Android and Apple at:



Ensure that the Bluetooth capability of your device is turned ON. Press the ON/ OFF button 5 times. The blue LED Light will flash to confirm the device is ready to connect. 

For Android users: Allow permission to share location & storage on your device.

How to use 

Make sure your breastbone area is clean, dry and free from hair.
Remove a sticker from the sticker pad and attach the red side to the LEFT device within the white border. Skin side sticker should be facing you. 

Turn on the LEFT device by pressing the power button for 3 seconds. You will feel that the left device vibrates 3 times. The LEFT device will confirm its activation by vibrating 3 times, 1 minute after turning on. Release the paper from the stickers skin side and stick the LEFT device on your breastbone area. The LED light must be at the top center of the device. 

The LEFT device will autostart 20 minutesafter being turned on, giving you the time to fall asleep.